Trivandrum Tour
Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) district (Kerala, India), holds a number of tourist spots. The entire tourism package of the state such as hill stations, back waters, beaches, lagoons, and wild life sanctuaries are present in Thiruvananthapuram district, reflects the beauty of the state Kerala. Foreign tourists flock to Thiruvananthapuram, a destination for chartered flights to India for Medical tourism, as there are more than hundred recognised Ayurveda centres in and around the city. This is primarily due to Ayurveda's popularity in foreign countries. Medical tourism is further promoted by modern medicine hospitals in the city. Recuperation facilities are available at five star beach resorts and hill stations nearby.

Kovalam Beach

The biggest of all tourist attractions in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) is the beach of Kovalam. The beach is situated only 16 km away from the city of Trivandrum. Soft white sands, emerald sea and swaying palms of the beach make for an idyllic destination for those who love sun, sand and surf.
The Kovalam Beach has a long stretch of black sand. The light house beach, Hawah Beach and the Samudra beach are three parts of the famous Kovalam beach. The beach is flooded by the visitors in the months between September and May

Padmanabha Swamy Temple

Located in the East Fort, Padmanabha Swamy Temple is one of the most popular Vishnu Temples in South India. The place holds the prestige of being counted among 108 holiest abodes of Lord Vishnu in the works of Tamil saints. The salagramams that are used to make the statue of Lord Vishnu were imported from Nepal amidst much pomp and show. The presiding deity of the temple Lord Vishnu is reclining on a large serpent that is 'Anantha'. Stone carvings and murals adorn the temple
Kuthiramalika Palace Museum
Built in Puthen Malika Palace, Kuthiramalika Palace is one of the fine examples of architecture of Kerala. The museum hosts a rare collection of mannequins, paintings, mirrors, chandeliers, furniture and other items. The royal thrones in ivory and Bohemian Crystal makes for few of the most attractive pieces of art in the museum. One can also view the Gopuram of renowned Padmabhaswamy temple from here.
Napier Museum
Named after a governor (Lord Francis Napier) of British India, Napier Museum has a marveling natural system to air condition bearing the testimony to the technological progress of that period. The museum also houses one of the oldest zoological gardens in the world.
Priyadarshini Planetarium
The Shanghumukham Beach is located about 16 kms from Trivandrum. This beach is a favourite place for the sunset viewers. The main attractions of this beach are an indoor recreation club, the Matsya Kanyaka (a gigantic, 35 m long sculpture of a mermaid) and a restaurant shaped like a starfish. The beach is situated nearby Thiruvananthapuram airport and Veli Tourist Village.
Varkala Beach
Varkala is a seaside resort and spa. It is also an important Hindu centre of pilgrimage. The final refuge of the Sree Narayan Guru, the great social reformer is located near Varkala, on the top of hill, called Sivagiri. The high cliffs with mineral springs rise majestically from the coastline. According to the myths, the sage Narada was approached by a group of mendicants who confessed to have been sinned. The Narada threw his valkkalam (cloth made of the bark of a tree) into the air, and the place where it landed was known as Varkala. The mendicants were directed by the Narada to offer their prayers in the newly created place by the seashore. The place where they prayed for redemption was known as the Papanasham (redemption from sins) Beach. The Papanasham beach is a quiet, secluded beach of sand and known for its mineral springs and rocky cliffs. The main attractions here are the 2000 year old Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple, the Nature Care Centre and a century old tunnel.
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 50 kms from Trivandrum. This sanctuary is spread over an area of 53 square kms. on the Western Ghats and is easily accessible from Vithurai, which is located on the way to Ponmudi. Peppara wildlife sanctuary has a rich variety of flora and fauna and dotted with hillocks, forests and eucalyptus plantations. The animals which can be seen here include elephant, sambar, leopard and lion-tailed macaque.