Rameshwaram Tour
According to the Hindu mythology i.e. the story of Ramayana Lord Rama performed thanksgiving rituals to Lord Rama after the battle at Sri Lanka and his triumph over the demon king Ravana. Owing to this Rameshwaram attracts Vaishnavites (worshippers of Lord Vishnu) and Saivites (worshippers of Lord Shiva) alike. Sri Lanka is at a distance of 24 kilometers from Rameshwaram. In fact the entire area of Rameshwaram is associated with various incidents from the Ramayana. Rameshwaram happens to one of the most visited pilgrim sites in India.


Agnitheertham is a pilgrim place where in people believes that taking bath in the place washes away their sins. The temple is constructed facing the eastern direction and there is a large lake in the temple whose water is considered to be holy enough. There are about 22 wells in this place and it is one amongst the 12 jyotirlings of India. The water of all the 22 wells has different taste and one can taste the waters of all of them so as to have all flavors of life in it. It is believed that the water has several medicinal properties too and several different life threatening diseases can be cured by taking water from the different wells from this place.

Dhanushkodi Temple

Dhanushkodi is a wonderful temple on the southern tip of India and it was completely washed away by the cyclone. The location of the place is wonderful and it being an island is covered by waters on all the four sides of it. It is located near the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean on the other side. The seas are in the shape of bow and arrow when viewed from the top. The arrow head is considered to be a sacred place for worship by the Hindus and people from far and wide come there to offer sacred prayers to the deity. Lord Rama has his pious feet even in this temple and whole story of Ramayana revolves here as well. It is a wonderful pilgrim place for the followers of Lord Rama. The place stays to be around 18 kms from Rameshwaram and one can easily travel by road.
Gandhamadhana Parvatham
Gandhamadhana Parvatham is the deity of several communities in southern India and the temple of Gandhamadhana is most renowned and worshiped in the southern India. The temple is two storeyed and Lord rama's feet are imprinted on the chakra placed in the temple.
There are several pilgrims longing to visit the place and offer their offerings to the feet of Lord Rama with holy intentions. It is a holy place and people from all over India come to the place as it has got great historical importance. Other pilgrim places too exist in the neighbourhood and one can even visit them once one is out for a pilgrimage.
Hanuman Temple
Hanuman has been the most renowned deity in Indian epic. Hanuman temple is a wonderful temple in southern India in the region of Rameshwaram. The temple is a wonderful art piece which shows the live movie of how Hanuman played a very crucial role in the time of Ramayan and how he helped Rama to get mother Sita back to Ayodhaya. The statues are carved out of the wood and they practically move like puppets revealing the incidence of Ramayana. It indeed looks wonderful how hanuman flies in the air with his sacred ability to fly and how that actually helped Rama when the places were tough to penetrate through.
Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple
It is a beautiful temple in southern India which was created for worshipping lord Rama as Hindu mythology has a great history for the place and it has been a great pilgrim place for the people who have the wish for achieving salvation in life. There are seven such places in India where one would like to offer prayers for achieving salvation in life and Rameshwaram temple is one of those. Whole Ramayan has been conceived in this place and it has a great mythological importance. The place is wonderful with good climatic condition and the temple is located near the sea. The whole temple is built on strong pillars and it has the longest corridor in whole of India
The Five-faced Hanuman Temple
Five faceted Hanuman temple is the most renowned temple in Rameshwar. It has mythological evidence where Hanuman showed his profile with five faces. He is believed to be adorned with senthooram at this particular place. When hanuman showed revealed his five faceted profiles. The statues of all Rama, Laxman, Sita and Hanuman are placed in the temple and all have been sacredly worshiped as if they have lives in them.
The actual soul of the Gods is supposed to have been put into the idols and the temple indeed has great historical evidence. There is floating stone outside the temple which was used to create the bridge on the sea as prescribed by our Indian mythology
Villoondi Tirtham
Villondi tirtham is the place where lord Rama buried his bow and villondi means a buried bow. It is considered to be a sacred place by most of the followers of Lord Rama. It is about 7 kms from main Rameshwar temple and the same road then goes to Pambam which is another holy place where the thirst of Goddess Sita was quenched by hitting the arrow in the sea. A single spot where drinking water is available in the midst of salty sea makes the great attraction for the people to visit the place. It has its mythological history even today
Jada Tirtham
Kaveri tirtham is the holy tirtham in southern India where god Kapardishvara is worshipped. Jada tirtham is another small temple within Kaveri Tirtham and it too has its own mythological importance. The temple is constructed in near the trunk of a large peepal tree and all the deities are supposed to have rested there while they had been in banvas.
The temple is small in construction but is a great master piece of lattice work and the artmanship is wonderful. It is famous for its beauty and uniqueness. Though small, its beauty lies in it being small enough and it too is among the famous pilgrim places in southern India.
Kothandaramaswamy Temple
Kothandaramaswamy temple is situated on the southern most tip of India and is situated on the island near Bay of Bengal. Indian Ocean covers it from all its sides. There had been several instances of cyclone in the area but the temple stayed to be intact even in most critical times.
It too has the history and story of Ramayan in its footings. Here, Vibhishana, Ravan's brother joined hands with Rama and hence Vibhishana too is worshiped at this place. The temple has several wonderful paintings all around the walls of it which flows with the flow of Ramayana and one can enjoy being in the temple with the guide who keeps narrating the story at every instance of time